To compete in a retail industry where omni-channel ecommerce has become the gold standard, retailers need technology for ecommerce services that can keep up with rapid changes in the industry. Consumers are quickly embracing new technology for omni-channel shopping, allowing them to move easily between devices and channels as they browse, research, compare, purchase and collect their merchandise. But many retailers are still tied to on-premise legacy infrastructure so called traditional method that prevents them from keeping pace with their customers’ rising expectations. Traditional commerce solutions simply can’t provide the speed, agility or integration with new ecommerce services that retailers need to execute their ecommerce strategy.
With Commerce Cabin E- Commerce services, retailers can quickly launch new brands and sites, scaling their business more easily and integrating the latest innovative ecommerce services. And they can move faster than their competitors to respond to dynamic market requirements.
Commerce Cabin enables retailers to implement comprehensive ecommerce services, including:
Omnichannel operations. With Commerce Cabin, retailers can use ecommerce services to optimize inventory turn and meet consumer expectations for multi-channel fulfillment.

Personalized shopping experiences.

By better understanding each shopper’s digital footprint and connecting a myriad of data points, Commerce Cabin ecommerce services enable merchants to personalize the shopping experience across all touch points and shopping channels.

Digitization of stores.

Commerce Cabin enables sales associates in the store to use mobile devices when helping customers view inventory beyond what they see on the shelf.

Global expansion.

Commerce Cabin ecommerce services make it easy to take advantage of opportunities across borders, providing a single template to handle different currencies, languages and more.

Multi-site and multi-brand support.

With the Commerce Cabin common infrastructure, retailers can quickly roll out multiple sites and brands while leveraging existing work and syndicating content.
Achieve faster time to value with Commerce Cabin ecommerce services.
The Commerce Cabin creates a more direct path between ideas and execution. Retail organizations never have to worry whether their infrastructure can support their initiatives – they can execute knowing ecommerce integration and scalability will not be an issue. New sites and new initiatives can be launched in days or hours rather than months. Role-based interfaces give users control over functionality with minimal IT involvement. Together, these features enable retailers to execute campaigns more quickly and put ideas into action with greater speed.