Terms and Conditions

Commerce Cabin is a part of one of the best eCommerce solutions providers in the marketplace. Commerce Cabin, reserves the right of instantly upgrading and changing its protocols for the perspective feedbacks in the business wing. Going through the knowledgebase and about the conditions is dedicated to visitors for the overview. It ensures because Terms and Conditions are applicable to every one of the visitors, who land on our website.


Privacy of Content

Apart from its credit in the competitive world, Commerce Cabin includes a lot of its components which differs it in the marketplace likewise its logo, content available on the website, it’s branding, digital Signature, Copyright, Size of the business and its team size and so forth appearing on the website, besides its special notifications, are solely under the property of Commerce Cabin which can be used with relevant license by its authorized officials. Every one of the information or content placed on the website is strictly prohibited, except for the availability one in the terms and condition.

There are no privileges is granted for any change of this website content either for public displays or any personal purpose. It is allowed the usages of available documentation or knowledgebase in any way for commercial purpose without the written permission of respective entity.


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General Rules


The website has been taken care due to its unique identification, Commerce Cabin and officials would not be responsible for correcting of such information or any valuable liabilities derives out of use of content on the website.


We truly believe in a transparent and honest relationship with our clients. We cannot control the search engines’s decisions regarding ranking of the websites. So, we cannot assure a particular position for any keyword or phrase when it comes to SEO. We have money-back guarantee if our marketing strategies fail to give businesses the agreed-upon results. SEO is not a onetime activity like website development. It is a time-consuming process and results may take time to show. It may take 4 months to 6 months to see results depending upon the competition. But our team makes sure to achieve the unachievable for our Clients.