How to Plan SEO Strategy for your Business


Search Engine Optimization is a technique of improving the website so that it is top rated and appears in the top notch positions when searched from search engines. Google uses complex algorithms when a search is performed. These algorithms consider various factors before they present before us a sequence of web pages as appeared when a search is performed. seo services India provides best search engine optimization services online and can be blindly trusted for enlarging business in the online sector.

Steps in planning SEO strategy:

  1. Listing topics:
    SEO depends upon keywords, but they’re actually not your first step for SEO technique. The first and the foremost step is to make a list of topics you’d like to cover. Working on 10-15 short-tail keywords that are important to you and the topic chosen is essential. Then ranking the chosen keywords in order of priority or importance to your business is to be done.
  2. Listing long tail keywords:
    coming up with subtopics that explain a certain concept within a larger topic is to be done in step 2. On the basis of each blog post addition of  the subtopics into the keyword research tool takes place. These subtopics form a cluster.
  3. Pages according to each topic:
    Ranking of one page on the basis of keywords is an impossible thing to do. Generally the pillar pages depends upon the number of subtopics which should coincide with how many different products, offerings, and locations your business has. Customers find it easier and the business prospects increases no matter the keywords used are whatsoever. Many seo company India options are easily available.
  4. Blogging:
    ranking of keywords increases when used with blogging. With every new blog is created a new web page and hence we are given a new chance of better ranking of a webpage. setting up blog helps in elaborating subtopics and it ultimately shows up in the searched pages.
  5. Blogging regularly:
    Maintaining a blog regularly is very important. Writing about things that attracts the audience by using relevant keywords which the audience can notice and click also helps in diverting traffic to a particular website. Blogging regularly and according to the needs of the company helps in attracting more traffic to the desired website. Creating a list of all various web pages and ranking them according to the priority is another important part.
  6. Linking:
    Link-building is the primary task of SEO. Linking plays an important role in determining the ranking of a webpage. Link-building means attracting inbound links to your website from other WebPages on the web.

    Some other steps which are to be included by any search engine optimization company are being updated with the technology changes in SEO and implementing them and the means to track the success of SEO. These two steps are to be done continuously and regularly. Many online websites help in understanding the basics of digital marketing in India. Only the trusted digital marketing services India should be trusted for business purposes.