HTML 5 Banner

Which is the biggest benefit of creating responsive HTML5 banner ads? That you get a bigger audience that uses different devices!
According to Google, 82% of smartphone users say they consult their phones on purchases they’re about to make in a store and 91% of them turn to their phones for ideas in the middle of a task.
This is why, nowadays, creating responsive ads has become really important. Due to a large number of different screen sizes and shapes for mobile devices, responsive design has become really critical in online advertising.
So the one-size-fits-all times are gone. Now you must understand your audience’s intent and needs and be there when they need a solution for a problem. Today, you can create ads that fit on different screens or create visuals in different formats, such as vertical banners that are on the rise because of the power of mobile usage.
Many website owners still use traditional banner ads. In most cases Flash and GIF banners go with fixed pixel dimensions and they are incompatible with today’s responsive layouts and mobile devices.
Before we move further, let’s see what are responsive ads and try to understand their importance in the online advertising ecosystem.

A simple definition sounds like this:

Responsive ads adjust their size and fit to any available space.
This means that you can use responsive ads in a multiple device campaign such as mobile, tablet and laptop/computer screen. Because the ads adapt to the available space on the screen.
HTML5 allows you create responsive banner ads that are adjusted with any screen or device.
A correct display of banner ads is quite essential to make your display advertising campaign successful.
The adoption of HTML5 will allow enterprises improve the work of modern browsers like Chrome, Explorer or Firefox that are now going faster than a few years ago.
HTML5 enables companies to create and manage apps with greater delicacy and multiplicity on different platforms and devices in the same amount of time.


HTML5 gave rise to online advertising and more flexibility to manage your banner ads on any device. Now you don’t need to create various versions of the same banner ad. HTML5 banner ads reduce this number and сhances of getting errors that will significantly improve your banner production.
It may sound like a cranky idea, but there are a lot of benefits to create HTML5 banner ads:

  • HTML ads are easy to access and read on any devices;
  • Text, Video, Images and Javascript are all used within one advertising like any website page.
  • Banners can use dynamic server-side scripting and databases if necessary.
  • Banner serving is often similar to web hosting.
  • HTML5 responsive banner ads may be adjusted with any size