Marketplace listing

An online marketplace is a type of ecommerce website where third parties sell their products or services. Usually, retailers sell products on leading marketplaces to increase sales or profits. But listing and managing products on marketplaces require in-depth domain knowledge, technical skills and familiarity with specific rules of individual marketplaces. If you don’t have needed proficiency then you can outsource online marketplace product listing and management services to offshore experts like Data Outsourcing India.

We at DOI have years of experience in marketplace management services. Our specialists can help you in collecting product information from a variety of sources such as digital or printed catalogs, supplier or manufacturer’s website, etc. and uploading product details on leading and legendary marketplaces. We have been helping different industries including apparel & accessories, automotive, computer, cosmetics, electronics, health care, sports, and more. To maximize your sales on marketplaces websites, we list your products in proper categories or sub-categories with quality photos.

What our online marketplace management services include?

We offer an extensive range of online marketplace management services on affordable prices. Our professionals have ability to handle any size of project with any complexity. With our proven strategies and methods, we optimize your each listing for maximum return on investments. DOI’s online marketplace management service includes:

  • Product listing and updating
  • Bulk product upload
  • Photo editing and uploading
  • Online marketplace merchandising
  • Inventory management
  • Order processing
  • Channel analytics
  • Customer support
  • Competitor price monitoring

If you are an online retailer and want to improve your products sale by registering on popular marketplaces, then we can help you right from sign up, product listing, inventory management to order processing. Our online marketplace product listing experts can extract products information including product name, description, features, brand name, manufacturers’ identity, etc. accurately from any type of sources and upload all your product data precisely on any online marketplace.