Pay Per Click

PPC could be an extremely price effective methodology of advertising on each search engines and websites. You merely ever pay once a user clicks on your ad, and you management what quantity you pay money for every click. you choose what quantity budget to apportion per day, week or month.

Search refers to sponsored results that seem at the highest of the Google listings after you run a groundwork question. Show refers to matter or graphical advertisements placed on third party web pages. Re-marketing permits you to focus on your advertising to people who have visited your website already, permitting you to convert window shoppers into customers. There are also are varied types of advertising obtainable through YouTube like In-Stream and In-Display. All of those channels care for an equivalent pay-per-click model.

The square measure several PPC platforms obtainable, however the foremost, well-liked is Google AdWords. Ad words are segmental into: search, display, re-marketing, and YouTube.

It’s not simply Google that supply PPC advertising

It’s not simply Google that supply PPC advertising – Yahoo& Bing, LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter all provide pay-per-click advertising. Passion Digital manage campaigns across of these platforms.
Here square measure a couple of reasons you ought to use Passion Digital to manage your PPC campaigns:

Your current supplier isn’t doing a decent job. Perhaps you’re not obtaining that ROI you were hoping for.
Your web site has hardly gone live or is getting ready to. Your natural search rankings square measure unsurprisingly low, and you would like instant visibility.

OPassion Digital manually manages all of our campaigns and monitor them perpetually. If a keyword or a selected ad isn’t activity, we’ll rewrite and regulate as applicable.
We provide a made-to-order service for everyone among our purchasers. Not solely can we need to assist grow your business, however, we would like to assist you perceive PPC and grow your data.

We’re consultants across the most important paid platforms, together with Google, Bing/Yahoo, YouTube, LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook.