Public relation management

Public Relations are more about creating positive brand recognition and recall, and least selling of product or idea. Image is everything. Ethically molding public opinion to your advantage is the key. A good PR agency knows the difference between PR and marketing, and can leverage each school of thought to their client’s benefit depending on their needs.

Commerce Cabin is one of the few PR companies to have grown into a PR giant from a bijou company and get ranked amongst the top PR agencies in the country. This success is credited to our team of communication experts and consultants. The mixed bag of young, vibrant and experienced professionals are focused on successfully handling PR mandates for our clients using the right balance of traditional PR tools as well as innovative brand associations and placements.
We handle clients across verticals like Corporate, Finance, Health & Fitness, Real Estate, Lifestyle, Media, Human Resources and more. We function keeping in mind the 4 C Principle – Conceptualize. Create. Connect. Communicate.

Commerce Cabin believes in treating our client’s business like our own dream – one that needs to be nurtured and advanced at any cost. And that’s why, unlike other PR consultants and communication agencies, we will tell you what you need to hear and not what you want to hear. Whether it’s a product launch or crisis management; we will give you strategic advice, stemming from experience, which will enhance your company’s image and credibility. Our in-depth understanding of the ever changing and evolving media, and years of experience dealing with unprecedented turn of events has made a good judge of what works and does not work for a brand.
As a holistic communications and branding agency, we provide additional services like social media solutions, event management, marketing and content support.