Seo Audit

SEO changes all the time. And Commerce Cabin stays on top of it.

As a marketer today, it’s nearly impossible to absorb and react to all the changes that may affect your organic search rankings without some help. Google changes its algorithms. New SEO tools are constantly popping up that help to test, compare and optimize. More and more people are using mobile devices to do research before they buy. How these things and many more affect search rankings and the best way to capitalize on them is what we focus on day in and day out for our customers.

Much more than a quick tool–Commerce Cabin SEO Audit Services–comprehensive website SEO analysis performed by experts
If you’ve been thinking about doing an SEO audit, you’ve likely seen the free online tools. And so has everyone else! The key to successful SEO is doing it better than everyone else — better than your competitors. You need every advantage you can get.

Full SEO Audit

A short-term engagement with Commerce cabin SEO experts. This website SEO analysis dives down into the individual site pages, performing the most comprehensive diagnostic of where you are in your SEO journey and recommends where to go from there.

Deliverables in Detail

  • Diagnostic Report-Step-by-step identification of problems and opportunities in each of the five areas of the SEO audit.
  • Quick Fix Sheet-the short list of recommendations that maximize your return while minimizing effort.
  • Mini Action Plan- detailed recommendations to improve your search rankings and drive more traffic to your website.
  • Consulting Hours – customized for your specific needs–from completing specific SEO tasks as outlined in your Action Plan to support and training for your own resources as they follow recommendations.