With the rapid growth of e-commerce and other online services, more and more sensitive information is stored and transmitted over the Internet. Consequently, consumers want reassurance that they’re interacting with trusted, legitimate businesses and that their personal information is safe from those who would look to misuse it.
Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) certificates provide a trusted connection between a consumer and the website they are looking at. They do this by creating a secure, encrypted link over the Internet, which means sensitive information, such as personal details and credit card numbers, are kept private and secure.
It is essential to have an SSL certificate for any website that handles private information, as it allows customers to see who you are and verify that you’re taking the protection of their personal data seriously.

  • Data security- unsecured communications over the Internet can be intercepted by hackers or other cyber-criminals, and sensitive information obtained can then be exploited.
  • Loss of revenue-80% of online shoppers want assurance that their information is secure; hence, failure to secure a sensitive transaction via an SSL certificate can result in lost sales at the point of purchase.
  • Symantec.The premium SSL brand that offers high warranty protection as well as free site seal, seal in search and malware scanning; popular with large corporates for high-transactional-value sites.
  • Thawte.Mid-range certificate that provides a mid-value warranty and a free site seal.
  • GeoTrust.Unlimited server licenses, a free site seal and lower warranty protection; best suited to smaller customers looking for a cost-effective but secure solution.
    Investing in SSL certificates will increase trust, security and, ultimately, revenue. Having valid SSL certificates in place on your website indicates to customers that you take the protection of their personal information seriously.


illegitimate websites can often be used to tempt shoppers with low prices and counterfeit products.
We understand that businesses must take the security of private information seriously, to gain and maintain trust in their online services. Breaches of that trust can lead to irreparable brand damage and loss of revenue, so it is vitally important that key online transaction services are protected with leading security products.
Combining our proven expertise in online brand protection and domain name management, and by partnering with the global leader in security solutions, we offer the highest-quality SSL certificates.
Working with your IT infrastructure team, we will assess your portfolio needs and provide access to a wide range of SSL certificates suited to the online enterprise market. We offer three different brands of SSL certificates: