Static Banner

As readers and as consumers, we are all accustomed to reading newspapers and magazines that carry advertisements in the form of banners and visuals. This serves as a source of information for the readers (read potential buyers) and helps businesses generate inquiries and sales.

However, the inability to target the right set of audience and the lack of measurable outcomes often leaves a lot to be desired from print advertising.

As consumers have moved to the online medium, newspaper and print advertising has also evolved into Static Banner Advertising. It has all the benefits of the offline version, without any of its drawbacks. All of this at a fraction of the cost!

Uses and Benefits of Banner Advertising

As the name suggests, Static Banner Designs are the visual advertisements that carry no animations (movements) but still get the reader’s attention and drive actions.

Compatible across all platforms:

As static banners do not have any form animation, they have faster loading time and do not require any plugins to be viewed, and hence can be used in all devices and across all platforms.
Commerce Cabin offers the best-in-class static banner designs. At Commerce Cabin , we have skilled professionals with more than 10 years of experience in web designing. Our teams specialize in creating static banner designs with the right images and colors, so that it grabs the attention of your readers.
A well-designed, strategically placed banner would help you increase the number of clicks and improve qualified traffic to your website and enhance transition of visitors to customers. We create the best designs for your static banner, of any size as per the requirements of the website you want to advertise on. Our teams strive to design static banners that are customized and effective for your business, at the same time having the minimum possible load time for the best marketing results.
We offer creative, high quality designs at a marginal price so that you can increase your traffic in the most efficient and cost-effective manner possible.

  • Simple and Cost Effective: A smartly designed static banner gets relevant traffic for your main website/ webpage, and allows you to highlight limited period offers, discounts, new launches, promo codes, etc.
  • Customizable: You can customize your static banner design based on size availability or budget and still get the same output.
  • Efficient across all websites: As this is the most basic form of advertising, after content only advertisements (example, Google Ads), static banners work well across all types of websites and are accepted by most of the publishers.
  • Improves Navigation, Structure: Static banners improve the organization of a website by breaking down text and making it easier on the reader’s eyes. They enhance the visual appeal of the website by providing ease of navigation to the visitors.
  • Maximize Impact and Aids Call-to-Action:As the banners can be strategically placed on a website, they maximize impact and aid call-to-action.